Things to do before I die:


- Return to Rome

- Visit the Maldives

- Visit the Seychelles

- Visit Brazil

- Return to Cancun

- Return to Disney World

- Visit Disney Sea

- Visit Eygpt

- Visit the village my great grandfather came from

Material Things

- Own an English Manor

- Own a Mercs SLK

- Own my very own place

- Own a large estate


- Get a PhD

- Learn to fly a plane

- Appear on a TV program other than the News

- Write an Op-Ed piece

- Master Arabic

- Learn Malay

- Write an Op-Ed piece for the NY Times/ Washington Post

- Learn to Dance


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  1. I came across your blog when I was looking for Lexean’s website, as well as reviews of the mag. Been browsing through your other blog entries; interesting, spirited, arguments you’ve got about Singapore politics and society, and I’ve enjoyed reading them (compared to the other fluffy blogs out there with pictures of recently purchased underwear and vibrators).

    On another note, you should definately visit Egypt, it’s filthy, exotic, impossible, but I loved it. And if you’re thinking of learning Arabic, the American University in Cairo has a summer program for basic Arabic. All these centres here in Singapore dont really teach the language very well.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I don’t think I will be able to head of to AU in Cairo anytime soon. Starting school again.

    Also thanks for the praise on my entries. I try.

  3. Hi, 26th January at 6.30pm there’s a forum on singapore’s immigration policies, many representatives of political parties will be represented. Please do come and have a look as well

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