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From kookabaru.

My Personal DNA Report 

Walking that Line

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Sometimes we just come to a point in our lives, in our relationships, in our jobs when we realise there is a line to cross. Should I get a masters? Is it time to say goodbye? Should I take that other job? There’s this invisible line we must cross.

We’ll ask around for help and maybe advice, or maybe we’ll keep to ourselves and mull over it. These decisions are hard to take. When things are going well and fine, making a change no matter how small could lead to discomfort, hurt and whole lot of trouble. Yet sometimes in the journey of life we need to take those chances that are held out for us.

It is very hard indeed. Better to not get into all the stuff and continue living the peaceful existence that we have had. So we miss the chances that may have taken us down different paths. Change is always a uncomfortable. It always causes some problems. Change can also take us down a better path; to break free from the chains that already bind us.

Fear is a great enemy of change. And we let fear rule our lives. Time to step out away from the shadow of fear and take the opportunities that are presented before you. Do not let fear in the form of “what ifs” and “regrets” hold you back.

Time to embrace that change.

Moderburrow Manifesto

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Got rid of that wimpy, pussy side of me. [hi mom. i'm being good. honest] (lies!)
I know. I know. It’s been boring. Well well… I’m back my little fuckers! (the f**k is gone. if you don’t like it i have a dick that needs sucking) Missed me tons? You better? Or I’ll come hunt you down and KILL YOU! (Ed: He likes you all and he will not kill you… I vouch for him.) (truth!)

Ha! Ha! truth/lie guy is back. WORSHIP HIM!!!

Maybe it’s this time of the year you know. It’s like a little time share, me and that little wimp ass fucker have. Now it’s my time to shine. You all loved me. Now adore me!! I command you.

If you haven’t gotten the clues that I’ve been trying to break out from that prison they had me in. GET WITH THE PROGRAM you ASS SHATS! Daddy’s back… And it’s time all of you got a good spanking. Oh yeah… You all know you want a good spanking. (truth?) (HA HA! He’s knew and improved. with question marks now)

I cannot believe “he” turned this into some sappy shit filled crap. I apologise. WHAT THE FUCK!?! (ed: woah… calm down)

The gloves are off people. If you have a problem come take it up with me. We’ll have a good fight, then a good drink. =P


Too Young to Go Steady

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Listening to Sara Gazarek’s take on Perry Como’s song “Too Young to Go Steady.”

It’s a cute song really. One of those teen angst sort of thing.

Lately I’ve been thinking about Love alot (no I’m not in love). Just been thinking alot about it. About my conception of the idea. About what I do and do not know. Like alot of people in my generation I really do not know what exactly love is.

I remember watching De-Lovely, and how Cole Porter wrote “I love you” on a dare that he could not write a sappier song than that. It was a hit by the way. Heh… But do I really know what love is?

It isn’t that warm fuzzy feeling inside. That feeling passes you by. It lasts for like 15 seconds and then it goes away to bug someone else. So then what is love?

Hardwork? Keeping the romance alive. Learning to live with each other, flaws and all… It could be part of the equation.

Understanding? Actually empathising and understanding your other half. That could be it to.

Communication? Open and honest communication. Is that love?

Trust? I suppose this is an important part of Love. Without it any relationship cannot survive.

Lust? I mean there has to be physical attraction, right?

I don’t know if this is a definitive list or anything, but the question remains, if you took away that warm fuzzy feeling would you still be in love? What exactly is love? I mean my parents have stuck through thick and thin in their relationship [hi mom. you're paranoid and naggy]. Is that love? Tenacity? Stubborness? Stupidity?

I mean my bro blogged about marriage and I suppose love. 50% of 1st marriages ending in divorce? 60% of remarriages end up in divorce? So people don’t even get it right the second time round. Practice makes perfect? Still there are 50% of 1st marriages that don’t end in divorce. That means I have a 1 in 2 chance of getting it right the first time. And if I don’t get it right the first time, my chances go down the second time. I only get a 2 in 5 chance of getting it right in round 2.

I have a few friends who are married and have stayed happily married. Then again most of my closest pals are not married. My oldest friends aren’t looking like they’ll get married in the next 5 years. One is addicted to WoW/ work and the other tries, but just no cigar. Another friend is a commitment-phobe and another shows almost no interest in women (he’s not gay, just not interested).

As for my closest bros… well I guess one of them is going to get married, but he’s been married since high school. Now that’s a testament to love and commitment i suppose. I remember asking his significant other when he’s going to propose, and she said “how the hell do i know?” And I replied, “at least you know it’s an eventuality.” And he proposed to her formally recently. heh… But my other bros? I dunno… It’ll be a long while… I’m thinking earliest would be another 2 or 3 years. Two Long distance relationships, one whose partner is in med school. The rest being (un)happily single. Me included.

So it looks like I won’t be attending any weddings too soon. Dang it… No bridesmaids to hit on…

(ed: so we moved from “what is love?” to “doing” bridesmaids?)

Anyway… back to Love… Does anyone know? Have a definitive answer? Let me know.

Trombicula fujigmo

February 13, 2006 at 4:47 pm | Posted in Being Random, Uncategorized | 1 Comment

In case you’re wondering that’s the scientific name for a mite. Yup. What makes it so special? It’s an acronym for “F**k you Jack, I got my orders.” Which is attributed to WWII soldier speak. Heh… Lots of funny names for bugs… Like Ba Humbugi (snail), Oedipus complex (salamander), Colon rectum (beetle), Ytu brutus (another beetle). These guys have a sense of humour.

Also someone mentioned that I should have pictures of the snow storm so I have something to talk about. Due to my laziness, I present this instead. I think they have more exciting pictures than I could have. So enjoy the bloody pictures! (ed: they’re not actually bloody)

Also I have found an excuse to why I should play more video games. =P Now my game playing is justified. Take that all you people who think I should be doing something more productive with my time, like learning a second (or fourth) language. [hi mom. I speak 2 well enough, and the third one is iffy because you won't let me live in the Middle East]

And unto you I bid, Yeah Buddy! Nobody!

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