Who wants to be a Billionaire?

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Forbes did a study on self-made billionaires and here is what they found out…

Your parents had a high aptitude for math (esp. if they were engineers, accountants or small business owners)

You should not be born in December, but September is a good month to be born.

Going to college and graduating are not that important (20% of these billionaires did not go or leave college)

BUT if you are in finance you should get an MBA from Harvard, Columbia or Wharton School of Business.

ALSO go join Goldman Sachs.

Failure is part of the program.

Also if you go to Yale, you should join the Skull and Bones.

Burning questions about commercial flights

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Thank you Mental Floss for helping me answer some burning questions I have about flying.

Like why my seat should be upright on landing and why all luggage should be stowed away. Heh… It’s so I can get out A.S.A.P. if the plane should need to be evacuated.

Now I’ll know why I have to stuff my bag of goodies under the chair when I come back from my Shanghai/HK trip at the end of May.

My girlfriend’s new boss

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This means my girlfriend’s new ultimate boss is GEORGE W. BUSH until January next year. Then it is either a really old white man, or a middle aged black man. Unless AIG sells AIA to pay back the debt.

That makes AIG a government-linked company. Hee hee… 79.9%. I wonder if they got it for cheap. How come we never go and buy. It is like Great Wall Street Sale lor… 50% off or something. Lelong Lelong.

By the way don’t go and rush to get your insurance out. Later once all of this is settled, you still got to re-insure with them or someone else. And your premium would be so much greater.

Funny things I have learnt so far in Law…

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n. a person who commits a tort (civil wrong), either intentionally or through negligence.

It sounds kinda funny to me. Also a little dirty.

“Nelsonian Knowledge”
- wilful ignorance

Because Nelson had a blind eye. Geddit? I didn’t at first.

caveat feles obesus
- let the fat cat watch out

Ok. that’s just funny that someone would put it in their judgment.

kissing someone without their consent is a battery
- let the kisser beware

harassment is now a tort in Singapore
- good way to keep my stalkers away

do not lie to a judge
- he will call you stupid in as many polite ways as possible

Those are the biggest gems so far.

Pulp Fiction Done by Shakespeare

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J: My pardon; did I break thy concentration?
Continue! Ah, but now thy tongue is still.
Allow me then to offer a response.
Describe Marsellus Wallace to me, pray.
B: What?
J: What country dost thou hail from?
B: What?
J: How passing strange, for I have traveled far,
And never have I heard tell of this What.
What language speak they in the land of What?
B: What?
J: The Queen’s own English, base knave, dost thou speak it?
B: Aye!
J: Then hearken to my words and answer them!
Describe to me Marsellus Wallace!
B: What?
JULES presses his knife to BRETT’s throat
J: Speak ‘What’ again! Thou cur, cry ‘What’ again!
I dare thee utter ‘What’ again but once!
I dare thee twice and spit upon thy name!
Now, paint for me a portraiture in words,
If thou hast any in thy head but ‘What’,
Of Marsellus Wallace!
B: He is dark.
J: Aye, and what more?
B: His head is shaven bald.
J: Has he the semblance of a harlot?
B: What?
JULES strikes and BRETT cries out
J: Has he the semblance of a harlot?
B: Nay!
J: Then why didst thou attempt to bed him thus?
B: I did not!
J: Aye, thou didst! O, aye, thou didst!
Thou hoped to rape him like a chattel whore,
And sooth, Lord Wallace is displeased to bed
With anyone but she to whom he wed.

More can be found here.

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