Google Trends 2013

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So Google has released their Trends for 2013.

A quick look at the Trends for Singapore shows some very interesting thing about Singaporeans:

“PSI Singapore” was the #1 trending search followed by Harlem Shake and Little India Riot. If you look further down you’ll find N96 mask (at #5). Obviously the Haze was a big issue for Singaporeans, as was the Riot, Annonymous (#4), and the Boston bombings (#10). But it’s good to know that Singaporeans were still shaking their bon bons and trying to check if “Deepavali 2013″ (#7) will get them a long weekend (sadly no). The Malaysian elections featured at #6 with Gwiyomi (#8). I don’t know who Gwiyomi is, so I had to google the term, and found out its some Korean song.

Talking about all things Korean, Google Trends has a whole coloumn entitled “Most Searched Korean Stars” for Singapore. Shows you how sucessful the Korean dramas are here.

Singaporeans love their computer fairs; “IT Show” (#2), “COMEX” (#4), “PC Show” (#5). “Singapore F1″ was the #1 search, showing just how much we’ve come to love (or hate) that epic event. Besides being a nation of desk jockeys we also have very sporty obessessions, namely tennis and marathons (playing tennis while you run the marathon sounds like a winning combo). Rounding out or obsession with computers and sports is our obsession with travelling (“NATAS Fair” at #9) and shopping (“Great Singapore Sale” at #10).

Moving on to Most Searched Local News, “Bird flu” was the #1 search. The rest were really topical matters including deaths (“Shane Todd” at #2 , “Huang Wenyong” #3 and “Kovan” at #4). Remember its not “Flood” (#6) but ponding. “Singapore haze” earned a spot at #7. “Khaw Boon Wan” (#5) and “Singapore property”(#8) highlight our obsession with buying property. While “Tey Tsun Hang” and “Singapore riot” round up the list at #9 and #10.

As for Most Searched Sports Teams, its football heavy with “Arsenal”, “Manchester United”, Liverpool” and “Chelsea” making the top 4, while “Tottenham Hotspur” coming in at #6 (Yay Spurs!). Everybody loves a winner and the “LionsXII” came in at #5.  Besides our obsession with English football, the top 10 most searched sports teams is rounded out by NBA teams “Houston Rockets”, “L.A. Lakers”, “Miami Heat” and “Dallas Mavericks” (in descending order).

Talking about our love for travelling, it seems Singaporeans like to visit nearby countries and places a lot. The #1 Most Searched Travel Destination was “Legoland Malaysia”. This was followed by “Bali”, “Hong Kong”, “Maldives”, “Bangkok”, “Taiwan”, “Bintan”, “Langkawi”, “Krabi” and “Penang”. Obviously we love taking short trips over long ones. I guess more holidays in a year.

There are many categories, but the one I want to highlight is the Trending Recipes. Eating is an obsession here, and it is interesting to note the eclectic recipes being searched from “Shepherd’s Pie” (#1) to “Kueh Bangkit” (#2) to “Leche Flan” (#9).

Well if you want to check out the day by day Trends, please feel free to do so.


75 Skills every Man should Master

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Read this on the Esquire tree killing version, but you can read it here.

(Bold means I have mastered it. Italics means I am trying to master it.)

1. Give advice that matters in one sentence.
2. Tell if someone is lying.
3. Take a photo.
4. Score a baseball game. (Erm… think this applies only to the American Hemisphere and Japan)
5. Name a book that matters.
6. Know at least one musical group as well as is possible.
7. Cook meat somewhere other than the grill.
8. Not monopolize the conversation.
9. Write a letter.
10. Buy a suit.
11. Swim three different strokes.

12. Show respect without being a suck-up.
13. Throw a punch.
14. Chop down a tree.
15. Calculate square footage. (Square meters also accepted)
16. Tie a bow tie.
17. Make one drink, in large batches, very well.
18. Speak a foreign language.
19. Approach a woman out of his league
20. Sew a button.
21. Argue with a European without getting xenophobic or insulting soccer.
22. Give a woman an orgasm so that he doesn’t have to ask after it.
23. Be loyal.

24. Know his poison, without standing there, pondering like a dope.
25. Drive an eightpenny nail into a treated two-by-four without thinking about it.

26. Cast a fishing rod without shrieking or sighing or otherwise admitting defeat.
27. Play gin with an old guy.
28. Play go fish with a kid.
29. Understand quantum physics well enough that he can accept that a quarter might, at some point, pass straight through the table when dropped.
30. Feign interest.
31. Make a bed.

32. Describe a glass of wine in one sentence without using the terms nutty, fruity, oaky, finish, or kick.
33. Hit a jump shot in pool.
34. Dress a wound.
35. Jump-start a car (without any drama). Change a flat tire (safely). Change the oil (once).
36. Make three different bets at a craps table.
37. Shuffle a deck of cards.
38. Tell a joke.

39. Know when to split his cards in blackjack.
40. Speak to an eight-year-old so he will hear.
41. Speak to a waiter so he will hear.
42. Talk to a dog so it will hear.

43. Install: a disposal, an electronic thermostat, or a lighting fixture without asking for help.
44. Ask for help.
45. Break another man’s grip on his wrist.
46. Tell a woman’s dress size.
47. Recite one poem from memory.
48. Remove a stain.
49. Say no.
50. Fry an egg sunny-side up.
51. Build a campfire.
52. Step into a job no one wants to do.
53. Sometimes, kick some ass.
54. Break up a fight.

55. Point to the north at any time.
56. Create a play-list in which ten seemingly random songs provide a secret message to one person.
57. Explain what a light-year is.
58. Avoid boredom.
59. Write a thank-you note.
60. Be brand loyal to at least one product.
61. Cook bacon.
62. Hold a baby.

63. Deliver a eulogy
64. Know that Christopher Columbus was a son of a bitch.
65-67. Throw a baseball over-hand with some snap. Throw a football with a tight spiral. Shoot a 12-foot jump shot reliably. (Again quite American here)
68. Find his way out of the woods if lost.
69. Tie a knot.
70. Shake hands.

71. Iron a shirt.
72. Stock an emergency bag for the car.
73. Caress a woman’s neck.
74. Know some birds.
75. Negotiate a better price.

Will the real shady guy please stand up?

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Get to know yourself better

Your view on yourself:

You are down-to-earth and people like you because you are so straightforward. You are an efficient problem solver because you will listen to both sides of an argument before making a decision that usually appeals to both parties.

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:

You are a true romantic. When you are in love, you will do anything and everything to keep your love true.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:

You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person.

The seriousness of your love:

Your have very sensible tactics when approaching the opposite sex. In many ways people find your straightforwardness attractive, so you will find yourself with plenty of dates.

Your views on education

Education is very important in life. You want to study hard and learn as much as you can.

The right job for you:

You have plenty of dream jobs but have little chance of doing any of them if you don’t focus on something in particular. You need to choose something and go for it to be happy and achieve success.

How do you view success:

You are confident that you will be successful in your chosen career and nothing will stop you from trying.

What are you most afraid of:

You are afraid of having no one to rely on in times of trouble. You don’t ever want to be unable to take care of yourself. Independence is important to you.

Who is your true self:

You are mature, reasonable, honest and give good advice. People ask for your comments on all sorts of different issues. Sometimes you might find yourself in a dilemma when trapped with a problem, which your heart rather than your head needs to solve.

Take the test here. Idea taken courtesy from here.

In the event of a death

March 18, 2006 at 4:59 am | Posted in Lists | 1 Comment

In the event of a death of the author of this blog (me!) please choose to do the following (because no one is going to pay good money to save this site):

1. Use for compost. Save the environment. Afterall the author is also becoming compost (a.k.a. decomposition)

2. Print and make it a really random book for personal veiwing. at no time should this be sold for money

3. Make sweet love to it. I don’t know how, but it’s your dirty mind.

4. Write in the author’s place. So the world will wonder if he is really dead.

5. Use the blog to blackmail the author’s dog. For what reason, i don’t know.

6. Search the blog for hidden references to the Illuminati, Masons, Catholic Church, Opus Dei and any other secret shadowy organisation.

7. Make electronic paper mache art.

8. Cry. Rinse. Repeat.

9. Make it the manifesto for your life and watch it go down the shit hole.

10. Read it and go blow your brains out. That way the author and you can party it up if there is an afterlife.

Ok peeps. You now know what to do if the author should break on through to the other side (Doors!). Please to not deviate from the stated possible ways. Deviation will be punished with some sexy spanking and ghostly hauntings (in no particular order).

A day to give thanks

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It’s Thanksgiving, so I look back and find out what I am thankful for this past year:-

(1) I am thankful for my baby waby [hi baby. I love you!]

(2) For getting into a good graduate school (#8 for my program)

(3) For graduating with honours

(4) For being alive

(5) For having parents who will pay for my education

(6) For living in a nice apartment [hi baby. I’m sure you’ll agree]

(7) For not having to go to a thanksgiving dinner with friends’ families (always awkward)

(8) For not having seen any rain or snow yet today

(9) For the 70’s show marathon on FX =P

(10) For being able to take an afternoon nap

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