Fashion Tip from the Fashion Unconscious #1

November 1, 2006 at 3:41 am | Posted in Fashion Unconscious | 6 Comments

Please say NO to scarves. If you live in a tropical country where it is 33 degrees Celcius all year round, resist the urge to put on a fucking scarf. Especially of the woolen, knit and heavy cotton variety. I saw two today. TWO?!?!!?
In fact this fashion unconscious bunny recommends that you are only allowed Silk scarves, and only if you work for an airline or need to cover a hickey (I personally liked to show off my hickies, especially the one your mom gave me) .

I don’t care if Milan, Paris, Tokyo and New York are all wearing scarves. This is Singapore. I don’t even care if the Malaysians are wearing scarves. DO NOT WEAR SCARVES!! I will personally go down there and hang you by it if I see you in a scarf in Singapore.

My fashionistas (i.e. Sister and all other women in my life) tell me I should go easy on the minless fashion whores who wear scarves. “It’s fashion, what?” No… It’s not fashion, it’s a heat stroke waiting to happen. I don’t care how cold shopping center air cons can be, a scarf is not warranted.

The only exception this raving lunatic will accept to my scarf commandment is if you’re going to Snow City in Jurong or ice skating. That is acceptable.  =P

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