Fashion Tips from the Fashion Unconcious #4

April 18, 2007 at 10:42 pm | Posted in Fashion Unconscious | 5 Comments

Here’s a few tips ok:

- If you’re going to tuck in your shirt, please please please wear a belt or suspenders. It’s a rule any self respecting man should know. It’s not just for keeping your pants up you know. It’s also for preventing your pants from popping out too far when you squat or bend.

- The other day I saw a young man with a gun-shaped belt buckle. Son… Belt buckles are not gangsta, no matter who tells you they are. Belt buckles are country. That means you must accompany huge belt buckles with a ten-gallon hat and boots, preferably with spurs as well. And there is no such thing as country hip-hop. Also only tucking in the front of your t-shirt(!) so everyone can see your belt buckle is a disgrace to cowboys everywhere. A belt is worn if you tuck in your shirt kid. Don’t marry two very disparate cultures if you can’t claim either one. It’ll be like me wearing a qipao and a top hat. Not very flattering.

- Windbreakers, ala LKY, is not acceptable for any situation which involves a work shirt and/or tie. The only time you are allowed to wear a windbreaker with a nice shirt is if you run a country and have goons at your beck and call to break the legs of anyone who suggests that you’re not fashionable.

- If you’re going to wear a suit, black crocs are a no go. I saw one the other day at a career fair. You’re promoting a company. It speaks volumes at what level the company operates. I mean if they let you wear that, it’s hard to imagine what everyone wears in the office. Crocs are the ugliest thing to plague mankind this century (only seven years so they still can get knocked off that pedestal), and I barely tolerate them on peeps on weekend jaunt. A suit is to be accompanied with nice shoes. It would be like getting a nice Porsche with faux leather seats… Not classy, very tacky.

- Socks go with shoes, sandals with bare feet. If it’s that cold that you have to wear socks with your sandals, you know it’s time to put on closed toe shoes. Go ahead, your toes will thank you for it.

- Also the other day I used the toilet, and it smelt like cheap cologne. I assumed that it was the deodorant used by the cleaning company. It turned out to be the other guy pissing in the toilet. Seriously, if you have that much cologne that a whole toilet can smell like you, you have too much on. A few dabs is enough. Dun go apeshit and unload half the bottle. I know Axe is like a few bucks a pop, but still, spare a thought for everyone else. If you really really stink that bad, take a bloody shower. Everyone will thank you for it.

It amazes me at what passes for dress sense in Singapore. I mean I’m not some dress god who knows what to wear all the time, but I do have some basic dress sense. My dear female readers, please please please please please please help the men in your life with their dressing. We suck at it, we could use the help. I’m asking on their behalf, in case they’re too thick headed or blur to notice anything wrong with their dressing.

Dinner Party (less than 10 peeps)

April 2, 2007 at 3:12 pm | Posted in Fashion Unconscious | 3 Comments

Not exactly a fashion thing, but I thought that it would be good to spread some manners to my rabid readers. We all sorely need manners, especially if we are going to be first world teachers earning $1.2million /year. (Ed: Erm… Dream on…) This is taken from A Gentlemen Entertains by John Bridges and Bryan Curtis. I have summarized so as to prevent too much typing on my part:

Game Plan

1. Invite a good mix of talkers and listeners

2.  No need for a special occasion. If there is one inform all guests beforehand.

3. Check for dietary restrictions or just preference.

4. Host does not plan a menu where he is always in the kitchen. If he must be, he should have a lieutenant to help host.

5. Quantity of food is not always a must. Quality of hosting is.

Make it Happen

1. Be realistic. Know how much you can entertain, how much you can spend and how much time you have.

2. One week advance notice. 2 weeks is the best.

3. Plan eating arrangements. If sit down, where they will sit. If buffet, where the food will be, where the eating will be.

4. Set table early.

5. Dressed and ready well before guests arrive

6. Modest liqour. And non-alcoholic drinks for guests. Host always pours/mixes first drink.

7. Always have cocktail hour, even if no one drinks alcohol.

8. Real plates, real glasses.

9. Make a list of things to do.

10. Do not let guests assist in set up and clean up. Small tasks ok, but all major things should be handled by host.

11. Host decides seating, even if everyone is old friends.

12. Serve from left, clear from right. 2 plates at a time, no stacking of dirty plates.

13. No dirty dishes between courses.


Conversation is important. Steer clear of things that would start an argument. Host is the moderator.

Hope that helps my little wabbits. Nothing too demanding. Just some simple rules. Hosting is not an easy job. These are guidelines not rules. Play around with them, and you don’t have to obey all of them. Just take note and adapt.

Fashion Tip from the Fashion Unconscious #3

January 9, 2007 at 1:55 am | Posted in Fashion Unconscious | Leave a comment

Inner shirts. Yes, please. I know Singapore is hot like hell, but an inner shirt is oh-so-important especially in this tropical weather. No not singlets. Here is the reason why…


Yes, folks. You heard me. Sweat rings. You know those white lines you see on people’s dress shirt. That’s the sweat frontier. The dried up remains of someone’s sweat, from the armpits. Yup. It is unsightly and mildly unhygenic. Always, always wear an inner shirt with dress shirts. Trust me, the inner shirts help soak up a lot of the sweat, and no unsightly stains. Also you can change out the inner shirt for another while keeping the dress shirt throughout the day. No one will be any wiser. Nothing like a fresh cologne application and a face wash can’t do to make you feel fresh again mid-afternoon. Seriously.

This is for office workers of course, well basically anyone who wears a dress shirt. Before all you haters jump on me, which i know you bastards will, this is not meant for anyone who wears tshirts or polo tees to work. This is ONLY for folks who wear dress shirts. It really helps. Especially with white shirts. I dun need to see your skin colour or nipples thank you very much. Does not matter if it is a long sleeve or a short sleeve, an inner shirt is very very important and useful.

So there. I hope this helps some people with their daily battle against sweat stains.

Gastronomic Adventures #1

January 5, 2007 at 10:47 am | Posted in Fashion Unconscious | 1 Comment

Went to Yumeya along Mohd Sultan road the other night. The place is made up of regulars. It was a rather quiet night too, especially for a friday night.

The Sake list is extensive and very helpful. Especially for a noob sake drinker like myself. The service was slow however… I ordered once and I think the waitress got distracted by the handsome Japanese patron and forgot my order. The Japanese patro, who was about to return to Japan, was causing quite a stir, and the waitresses were gushing like schoolgirls. So I ordered from a non-gushing waitress and got my sake relatively promptly. Note to all future patrons, order from the waitresses who are not gushing. =P

The menu itself is good. Just the right amount of food choices without overwhelming you. Their Hotate dish, which is their signature dish is good. Very good. A must eat if you’re actually going to drag yourself down there. The sashimi quality is good, but nothing to crow about, I’ve had other sashimi which is fresh enough you can still hear the ocean. Their choices on appetisers are good, and the quality is nice. I recommend the seaweed. Good choice.

Overall I give the restaurant a 3.5 out of 5 bunny paws.

Fashion Tip from the Fashion Unconscious #2

November 4, 2006 at 7:04 pm | Posted in Fashion Unconscious | 1 Comment

Consider investing in a light coloured suit.

Seriously… Singapore is hot enough to merit investment in a white, off-white, ivory, beige, light brown suit. Or several if you are so inclined.

I know the dark suit is the suit of choice, but I personally think that dark suits should only be worn by people in boring professions (i.e. bankers and lawyers). Sure light coloured suits have gotten a rep for being more leisurely, but I assure you that they are just as fine at work (if you have to wear a suit to work).

Call me old fashioned but I think wearing a suit is what a gentleman should do when meeting his parents or in-laws for lunch at a nice restaurant. Or for taking the missus out to a nice lunch. A light suit is called for on these occasions. As long as the sun still shines, a light suit is a good call. Dark suits are for the evening. When the sun sets.

If not an entire suit, consider a light blazer or coat. I have one each. Heh… Hot weather makes them permissible. Sure we can wear t-shirts and shorts all day (which I highly recommend), but every now and then I like to throw on a coat or blazer. Too hot you say? Consider this… We spend most of our time indoors (it’s Singapore fool… the airconditioned state). Plus what woman will not be impressed that you took some effort to look good for her (don’t listen to their lies about not wanting much, they want the world and more)?

Yeah… So I am a little old fashioned, but hey I like my scotch as an apertif, my riesling as a meal companion and my port as a digestif. So sue me already…

Hope you duckies liked this installment from the Fashion Unconscious Rabbit

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