The Real “Problem” with SMRT Train Operators

December 23, 2011 at 12:41 am | Posted in But Seriously | Leave a comment

I read this with great interest as to why no announcements were made. I don’t get why this is a language issue. I think most SMRT train operators are competent English speakers, what I think the real problem is that they may lack the confidence or skill in public speaking.

Seriously folks, most of us dread public speaking. Doesn’t matter if you don’t actually see your audience and you are speaking into a microphone. It’s tough. It’s hard enough if you have a script to follow, it’s tougher if its unscripted. In most emergencies, it’s unscripted. Train operators are recruited for their technical skills and not their public speaking skills. Sure there will be some who can do it, but generally most of us are afraid to speak before a large crowd. I’m lucky to have received training and am expected to speak publicly as part of my job, but it’s still nerve wrecking each time you do it. Even with a script.

So to me this who issue is not about language skills but public speaking skills, maybe SMRT should start training their train operators and other staff in public speaking. Perhaps focusing on their PR department more. =P

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