[Public Service Annoucement] Proposed Changes to Work Injury (Compensation) Bill

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Disclaimer: As a PSA, I thought I’d share what I understand about the proposed changes to the Work Injury (Compensation) Act. This is my understanding, go read the Act yourself when they pass it. This is also tongue in cheek.
Proposed Work Injury (Compensation) Bill
Was proposed on 18 Nov 2011

Major changes

  • if you fight at work, your employer is not liable, unless it falls within the exemptions
  • if you get a disease from work (by way of chemical or biological agents), your employer is now liable
  • you cannot make a claim after the limitation period has passed (previously you could)


  • if you fight, no compensation. if you acted in self-defence, protecting life/property or were trying to break up the fight, then you can get compensated
  • if you are exposed to some sort of chemical or biological agent at work, your employer will be liable to compensate you (it is unclear if your employer has to compensate you if you become Spiderman or some other superhero due to exposure to these chemical/biological agents)
  • Compensation only due to you if it was within the limitation period after leaving your job and your job scope included exposure to that agent. So if you are employed as a paper mover in the Paper Shuffling Department, and for some reason you got exposed to a radioactive spider from the Radioactive Animals Department, you will not get compensation

What it means for you

  • stop fighting at work
  • don’t get bitten by a radioactive spider unless your job scope says you have to work with radioactive spiders
  • make sure that if you work as a radioactive spider handler and you get bitten to claim before the limitation period is up (check the second Schedule, if not listed then 1 year)

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