2025: A fictional tale (part 1)

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Note: this is a long story so going to break it up into two parts 

A History of the Orchid Revolution by Modernburrow (written in 2050)

Pg 206 – 2025 CE

Philip Kung is declared dictator by the people. The collapse of the government by spontaneous street riots which is now known as the Orchid Revolution comes as a surprise to the old guard elite and their supporters. The details are as follows -

April 14, 2025 – The government decided to raise salaries of government ministers while refusing to increase help to the ever growing poor.

April 17, 2025 – A tame debate is carried out in parliament over the raising of salaries. Government MPs tow the party line. All opposition MPs (10 out of 83) walk out of the debates when it is revealed that there would be no vote on the issue.  Salaries are increased.

April 18, 2025 – A blog goes viral, with blogger Philip Kung arguing that enough is enough. The post is entirely satirical and it calls for many radical changes to the current institutions of the Republic. Including the creation of a bicameral legislature, opening up of the press and major reforms to the Internal Peace and Security Act (IPSA).

April 20, 2025 – The Secret Police pick up Philip Kung and attempt to make him recant his post. Kung refuses and is kept in White Road Detention Center. News of Kung’s detainment spreads throughout the internet. Some bloggers protest by holding flash mobs throughout the island holding placards with “Free Philip Kung” written on them. Kung’s post begins to appear on pamphlets printed by Local Thomas Paine (later identified as Chia Kok Meng, a university student).

April 21, 2025 – Riot police are called out to put a stop to anymore protests. Signs begin showing up throughout the island overnight, asking for the release of Philip Kung. Graffiti is found sprayed all over Government Hall demanding for change. Prime Minister appears on television justifying pay increase and asking for calm.

April 22, 2025 – Tensions are high throughout the day. First casualty of the revolution is university student Steven Koh who is severely beaten by riot police and is taken to the National Hospital (He remains in comma for 5 months before passing on). Outrage spreads like wildfire throughout the island, with blog posts screaming for justice and coffeeshop talk asking if the government is overreacting.

April 23, 2025 – Pamphlet by Island Cincinnatus asks if slavery is worth the price of stability, echoing Patrick Henry’s famous speech “Give me Liberty or give me death.” It is posted on every public surface faster than the police can take it down. Small sit-in protests begin to crop up throughout the island.

April 24, 2025 – More protesters are beaten up by the police. This brings out more people onto the streets. Moderates begin to question the heavy handedness of the government in dealing with this issue. Some riot police are beaten back by protesters.

April 25, 2005 – (More detailed descriptions)

0915 – A group of about 8000 protesters storm Greenwood police station and manage to seize its armory. Policemen are held hostage within the station. Investigation done later show that the protesters were let in by some sympathizers amongst the policemen in the station. Home Minister calls out the SWAT team to deal with the situation. Greenwood PS becomes the focal point of the protesters as protesters gather outside the station to prevent the SWAT team from entering.

1020 – Attempts to negotiate with the protesters inside the station fail and the go ahead is given to take back the PS with lethal force. Including shooting through the crowd. By then a crowd of more than 10000 (including the initial 8000) had gathered outside. First attempt succeeds in breaking into the station, but SWAT team is unable to clear the crowd. Riot police is sent in. More casualties occur.

1115 – News of the Greenwood Massacre spread by SMS and cellphone. More protesters take to the street. Opposition parties organize massive rallies to protest the Massacre. They call for an inquest and the resignation of the Home Minister. Police force is stretched thin trying to control the various groups of protesters that seem to be moving towards different places. Military is activated to help out.

1200 – News comes in that 80% of reserves have refused to show up for duty, because they were involved in the demonstrations, sympathized with the protesters or did not want to fire upon fellow citizens. Another 10% of reserves mutiny after receiving arms and some officers are kidnapped.  Active National Service forces also mutiny or desert. The military is largely incapacitated.

1210 – Gurkha mercenaries are activated, but they do not know exactly where to go, and are progress is hindered by skirmishes with mutinous soldiers and policmen. Home Minister decides that Gurkhas to be deployed at Presidential Palace as a defensive force to protect the President and Prime Minister. A state of Emergency is declared by the President. All public transport stops operating, a media blackout is imposed and all telecommunications (internet and phone) are shut down.

1230 – White Road Detention Center is raided and all prisoner are freed. Philip Kung becomes the rallying point for all protesters. More and more disaffected citizens rally to him. Protesters march towards Government Hall.

1425 – Parliament and Government Hall put up little resistance and are taken by the protesters. A revolutionary council is set up, but the protests continue without much direction from the council. Protest leaders and opposition parties realize that the movement is far beyond their control, especially with most forms of communication no longer in use. Runners are used to spread information and to control the protests.

1735 – State Media Company (SMC) is taken over by protesters and broadcasts are made by tv and radio to direct the protests to certain areas.

1810 – Electricity is cut nationwide. This ends broadcasts and send the island into darkness.

2040 – Power is restored after a bloody battle between Gurkha troops and rebels.

2255 – Half the island is in smoke. Rebel leaders manage to control the various mobs and tenuous peace is restored to the island. Government forces have retreated to the City area around the Presidential Palace. Water still remains in government hand, but power and media are in rebel hands. Attempts to take the National Telecommunication Corporation (Natel) and Sunspur phone networks have so far been repulsed, but pro-government forces are basically under siege.

2315 – Philp Kung makes a broadcast asking for the resignation of the government and requesting that the President order the end of the Emergency and for all forces including the Gurkha to stand down. No reply is forthcoming from the government quarters. An uneasy truce settles upon the night.

April 26, 2025:

0500 – Government delegation meets with Rebels. Government demands for a full surrender of the Rebels. Amnesty is offered to all who partook in the civil unrest except for the leaders. The offer is flatly declined.

0550 – Government forces attempt to push out from their area. Rebel forces are beaten back, but continued assault is untenable owing to the lack of numbers on the side of the government.

0615 – Radical Rebel forces break into several former MPs’ homes and shoot them and their families in cold blood. The Health Minister’s parents are also similarly executed. Rebel leaders and the Government condemn the shootings, but Radical Rebels announce that they would continue their witch hunt unless the G0vernment resigns immediately and hand over all their personal wealth to the state treasury.

0745 – Generals officially surrender remaining troops to the Rebel leaders after several of them and their families were shot dead by Radicals. More soldiers and policemen desert the Government side. Several Police commanders and their men also desert to the Rebels. Government forces are forced to pull back due to decreasing numbers.

0915 – Rebel leaders order for a massive push against the Government line especially near the Presidential Palace. Attack in unsuccessful but high casualties hurt the Government more.

0935 – President’s extended family is kidnapped by Rebels. The move is tactical. Rebel leaders hope that this would keep them safe from the Radicals and also force the President to break from Government. Also other Government families and rounded up and placed under the Rebels so as to prevent further killings.

1120 – Gunfire within the Presidential Palace can be heard. Forces loyal to the President attempt to break the President out of the Presidential Palace, while pro-Party forces attempt to keep him there. Rebel leaders order another assault on the Palace to take advantage of the chaos within. The President manages to escape to Rebel lines.

1245 – President dissolves Parliament and the government. The state of Emergency is declared over and all forces are ordered to stand down. Pro-Party forces refuse to heed the Presidential order and continue to hold the Presidential Palace.

1315 – Pro-Party forces now declared outlaws and Rebels are granted amnesty. Military and Police are ordered to mobilize and to take back the Presidential Palace. Rebel leaders are appointed field officers of their various ragtag groups, and the groups are given official status as Temporary Militias. The air force and navy begin to patrol near Pro-Party lines so as to prevent any escape.

1430 – Radicals defile the graves of Party founders and their ancestors. Bank accounts of various Party members are robbed by Radicals, who then proceed to deposit the money in the Central Bank.

1530 – Philip Kung is appointed caretaker Prime Minister by the President and appeals for all to stay calm and let the institutions of the Republic handle the current crisis.  He promises Party members clemency if they end the fighting now.

1705 – Some Party members surrender. This severely reduces the fighting force of the Party. Radical forces catch other Party members attempting to escape and shoot them on the spot. Radical leaders claim that they had powers of military tribunals and conducted summary trials. Moderates begin to move their militias to take out Radical militias.

1745 – Remaining Party forces surrender. The former Prime Minister is arrested by Moderate forces and held at the White Road Detention Center under heavy guard to prevent a Radical assassination.

1755 – President and Philip Kung order the disbandment of the militias and request that everyone return home. Surprisingly almost all militias disband, including Radical ones. Police and Military forces manage to round up the remaining militias that did not disband.

1920 – Peace is restored throughout the Island.

April 27, 2025 – Crowd appears before Government Hall and demands that Philip Kung be appointed Dictator.  Kung declines, but crowd insists and gets more agitated. Eventually Kung agrees to allow a referendum on the issue.

April 28, 2025 – Referendum is to be held on June 28, 2025. Kung hopes that with that much time, opposition to the idea would gather and the motion would be defeated. Also the Party is outlawed by the caretaker Home Minister.

May 5, 2025 – Philip Kung announces that if the referendum fails Parliamentary elections will be held on July 1, 2025. Also the fate of Party members will be left to the new government. In the meantime they will be held under the IPSA. All reforms will occur once the new government is installed. Also a general amnesty is granted to all rebels, including the Radicals, so they will not be punished for the murders.

June 28, 2025 -  Philip Kung is elected Dictator by a large majority. 90% of the electorate showed up to vote, of which 72.8% of them voted “yes,” 18.9% voted “no,” and 8.3% cast spoilt ballots. The President resigns and hands over all constitutional powers to Kung.

The reforms of the Orchid Revolution will be handled in part 2. Thank you for reading this long long fictional post. I had fun writing it. Hope it sounds somewhat believable to you.   


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  1. Such fantasy is dangerous my friend…

  2. i totally agreed.. u talkin abt thailand rite……….

  3. No I’m talking about a fictional country dude… does not exist anywhere but in my mind.

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