Dinner Party (less than 10 peeps)

April 2, 2007 at 3:12 pm | Posted in Fashion Unconscious | 3 Comments

Not exactly a fashion thing, but I thought that it would be good to spread some manners to my rabid readers. We all sorely need manners, especially if we are going to be first world teachers earning $1.2million /year. (Ed: Erm… Dream on…) This is taken from A Gentlemen Entertains by John Bridges and Bryan Curtis. I have summarized so as to prevent too much typing on my part:

Game Plan

1. Invite a good mix of talkers and listeners

2.  No need for a special occasion. If there is one inform all guests beforehand.

3. Check for dietary restrictions or just preference.

4. Host does not plan a menu where he is always in the kitchen. If he must be, he should have a lieutenant to help host.

5. Quantity of food is not always a must. Quality of hosting is.

Make it Happen

1. Be realistic. Know how much you can entertain, how much you can spend and how much time you have.

2. One week advance notice. 2 weeks is the best.

3. Plan eating arrangements. If sit down, where they will sit. If buffet, where the food will be, where the eating will be.

4. Set table early.

5. Dressed and ready well before guests arrive

6. Modest liqour. And non-alcoholic drinks for guests. Host always pours/mixes first drink.

7. Always have cocktail hour, even if no one drinks alcohol.

8. Real plates, real glasses.

9. Make a list of things to do.

10. Do not let guests assist in set up and clean up. Small tasks ok, but all major things should be handled by host.

11. Host decides seating, even if everyone is old friends.

12. Serve from left, clear from right. 2 plates at a time, no stacking of dirty plates.

13. No dirty dishes between courses.


Conversation is important. Steer clear of things that would start an argument. Host is the moderator.

Hope that helps my little wabbits. Nothing too demanding. Just some simple rules. Hosting is not an easy job. These are guidelines not rules. Play around with them, and you don’t have to obey all of them. Just take note and adapt.


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  1. haha was this directed to me?

  2. nope… it was just something i read… hee hee

  3. mine is not so high standard. I use disposables and everyone pitches in. hands off my grill though! More of a sit down grill dinner than anything else. =)

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