Fashion Tip from the Fashion Unconscious #3

January 9, 2007 at 1:55 am | Posted in Fashion Unconscious | Leave a comment

Inner shirts. Yes, please. I know Singapore is hot like hell, but an inner shirt is oh-so-important especially in this tropical weather. No not singlets. Here is the reason why…


Yes, folks. You heard me. Sweat rings. You know those white lines you see on people’s dress shirt. That’s the sweat frontier. The dried up remains of someone’s sweat, from the armpits. Yup. It is unsightly and mildly unhygenic. Always, always wear an inner shirt with dress shirts. Trust me, the inner shirts help soak up a lot of the sweat, and no unsightly stains. Also you can change out the inner shirt for another while keeping the dress shirt throughout the day. No one will be any wiser. Nothing like a fresh cologne application and a face wash can’t do to make you feel fresh again mid-afternoon. Seriously.

This is for office workers of course, well basically anyone who wears a dress shirt. Before all you haters jump on me, which i know you bastards will, this is not meant for anyone who wears tshirts or polo tees to work. This is ONLY for folks who wear dress shirts. It really helps. Especially with white shirts. I dun need to see your skin colour or nipples thank you very much. Does not matter if it is a long sleeve or a short sleeve, an inner shirt is very very important and useful.

So there. I hope this helps some people with their daily battle against sweat stains.

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