Gastronomic Adventures #1

January 5, 2007 at 10:47 am | Posted in Fashion Unconscious | 1 Comment

Went to Yumeya along Mohd Sultan road the other night. The place is made up of regulars. It was a rather quiet night too, especially for a friday night.

The Sake list is extensive and very helpful. Especially for a noob sake drinker like myself. The service was slow however… I ordered once and I think the waitress got distracted by the handsome Japanese patron and forgot my order. The Japanese patro, who was about to return to Japan, was causing quite a stir, and the waitresses were gushing like schoolgirls. So I ordered from a non-gushing waitress and got my sake relatively promptly. Note to all future patrons, order from the waitresses who are not gushing. =P

The menu itself is good. Just the right amount of food choices without overwhelming you. Their Hotate dish, which is their signature dish is good. Very good. A must eat if you’re actually going to drag yourself down there. The sashimi quality is good, but nothing to crow about, I’ve had other sashimi which is fresh enough you can still hear the ocean. Their choices on appetisers are good, and the quality is nice. I recommend the seaweed. Good choice.

Overall I give the restaurant a 3.5 out of 5 bunny paws.

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  1. “Note to all future patrons, order from the waitresses who are not gushing. =P”
    unless they’re gushing over you.

    ps. Hi dude! I’ll be back in Feb

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