Fashion Tip from the Fashion Unconscious #2

November 4, 2006 at 7:04 pm | Posted in Fashion Unconscious | 1 Comment

Consider investing in a light coloured suit.

Seriously… Singapore is hot enough to merit investment in a white, off-white, ivory, beige, light brown suit. Or several if you are so inclined.

I know the dark suit is the suit of choice, but I personally think that dark suits should only be worn by people in boring professions (i.e. bankers and lawyers). Sure light coloured suits have gotten a rep for being more leisurely, but I assure you that they are just as fine at work (if you have to wear a suit to work).

Call me old fashioned but I think wearing a suit is what a gentleman should do when meeting his parents or in-laws for lunch at a nice restaurant. Or for taking the missus out to a nice lunch. A light suit is called for on these occasions. As long as the sun still shines, a light suit is a good call. Dark suits are for the evening. When the sun sets.

If not an entire suit, consider a light blazer or coat. I have one each. Heh… Hot weather makes them permissible. Sure we can wear t-shirts and shorts all day (which I highly recommend), but every now and then I like to throw on a coat or blazer. Too hot you say? Consider this… We spend most of our time indoors (it’s Singapore fool… the airconditioned state). Plus what woman will not be impressed that you took some effort to look good for her (don’t listen to their lies about not wanting much, they want the world and more)?

Yeah… So I am a little old fashioned, but hey I like my scotch as an apertif, my riesling as a meal companion and my port as a digestif. So sue me already…

Hope you duckies liked this installment from the Fashion Unconscious Rabbit

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  1. There is a very simple explanation as to why why light coloured suits are not popular in Singapore:
    The majority of Singaporean men are pale/faired skin and a light couloured suit will make them look pretty drab. And I think I speak for most women with a fair skinned man, we will not be impressed by a drab-looking man.

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