24? Why 24?

June 1, 2006 at 10:41 am | Posted in Meme | 2 Comments

Go tagged by FBL. Since he’s not tagged me before I’ll oblige him.

24 Weird Facts about Me:

1. I like eating instant noodles the way my dad makes it. Boil noodles in soupy goodness. Take noodles out. Mix Chilli sauce, Ketchup, Worchester sauce and Tobasco sauce together in a bowl. Add noodles. Eat it “dry.” When done add soup to bowl to clean out the residual saucy goodness.

2. My best friend’s mum thought he and I were gay when we were younger. We spent ALOT of time together. Until we both got girlfriends (for the record I beat him by a year)

3. I need a bolster to hug to sleep. Or a pillow if no bolster. Or another human being (must be female)

4. I cannot ride a bicycle

5. I only know the Breast stroke now. Although at one time I did the butterfly stroke very well.

6. I have a certain order of hanging my clothes. It’s long and complicated. Don’t ask.

7. I also have a certain order to keeping my books. It may just look like random piles, but there is order to my madness.

8. I’ve never had a one night stand, even when I’ve had offers.

9. I only smoke cigars, not cigarettes

10. I don’t like to eat things with shells or bones. Life is a struggle, why the hell do i need to struggle with food.

11. I love Otah so much that I eat them by the dozens each time. Without bread or rice. The peranakan or grilled style.

12. I must wear an inner shirt if i wear collared shirts (with the exception being polo t-shirts)

13. I like to eat Milo powder. Yummy.

14. I actually have to translate from English to Singlish now. Hence I am slow if you insist that I speak to you in Singlish.

15. In said situation when dealing with only Singlish speakers, I will switch to Mandarin as default.

16. I dream in Arabic sometimes.

17. For some reason when facing a language I don’t speak, Arabic/Japanese is my default language.

18. I spend a month in Japan every year until I was 15.

19. i have been to Tokyo Disneyland about 10 times. LA 2, Disneyworld 1, HK 0, Paris 0.

20. i have an intense dislike of HK and borders on psychotic hate. (never give me nuclear launch codes, HK will be first to disappear)

21. I have philosophical debates with my dog. I tend to win, but every now and then “roof roof woof grrrr” is the winning argument.

22. I only drink my scotch with a splash of water. Sometimes with ice (in hot climes like Singapore) but never a combo of the two.

23. The wide open sea actually scares me. I’m a land lover.

24. I actually medidate everyday.

I tag no one. =P


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  1. I thought one can never forget how to swim?

    Btw, I have a perpetual fear of me dropping things into the sea, and never getting them back. So I tend to stay as far away from the railings as possible when I’m on a cruise/ferry/boat.

    Unless it’s a kayak. Then I have no choice.

  2. Thank you for obliging me! =)

    These actually look pretty interesting. Just for the record, I can’t swim to save my life. =X

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