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February 28, 2006 at 2:13 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment



Got rid of that wimpy, pussy side of me. [hi mom. i'm being good. honest] (lies!)
I know. I know. It’s been boring. Well well… I’m back my little fuckers! (the f**k is gone. if you don’t like it i have a dick that needs sucking) Missed me tons? You better? Or I’ll come hunt you down and KILL YOU! (Ed: He likes you all and he will not kill you… I vouch for him.) (truth!)

Ha! Ha! truth/lie guy is back. WORSHIP HIM!!!

Maybe it’s this time of the year you know. It’s like a little time share, me and that little wimp ass fucker have. Now it’s my time to shine. You all loved me. Now adore me!! I command you.

If you haven’t gotten the clues that I’ve been trying to break out from that prison they had me in. GET WITH THE PROGRAM you ASS SHATS! Daddy’s back… And it’s time all of you got a good spanking. Oh yeah… You all know you want a good spanking. (truth?) (HA HA! He’s knew and improved. with question marks now)

I cannot believe “he” turned this into some sappy shit filled crap. I apologise. WHAT THE FUCK!?! (ed: woah… calm down)

The gloves are off people. If you have a problem come take it up with me. We’ll have a good fight, then a good drink. =P


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  1. I am confused brudder, cause this entry sounds liek a fourth person post.


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