Cool, and surprisingly Warm

February 25, 2006 at 11:54 am | Posted in Records of a Tiny Village | 1 Comment

Jun was walking past rows and rows of trees, slowly admiring the each and everyone of them. Jun had been to the grove many many times. When the nut trees were flowering, when they were bearing nuts, and when they were bare. Each time he walked through the grove it gave him a different feeling.

This season had been a surprisingly cold winter. Jun could almost see the trees shivering, although he knew it was the just strong North wind blowing. Jun inspected the bark of the younger almond trees. They had hardly seen many years in their lifetime, but they bore the marks of the harshness they had to suffer in their younger days. The village had gone through some tough times, and the trees bore witness to that.

Not many people knew, but the almond is from the rose family. It also is a close relation of the peach. No one ever believed him when he took his dusty botanical tome of the shelf and showed them, they would say, “It’s a nut, Ming Jun , how can it be a rose? Peach? Silly Jun.”

Jun was always partial to those almond nuts. When he was young, his grandfather used to sit with him in the middle of the grove and talk about everything under sun. Those times though past, still evoked a warm feeling in Jun. Despite the cold, Jun felt warm amongst the trees.

“Just like a grove full of roses…”

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  1. been so long, wonder how u have been.

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