Love Letters

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“Through Grace we are saved.”

Ah Eng walked under the gates of St Bartholomew’s College. He had left the village to come to the city to study Philosophy and English at St Bart’s. He always thanked his lucky stars that he had won a scholarship to study in the city’s best school.

“Eng, have some of these. These are yummy,” Jack, his classmate and best friend, shoved a bag of roasted Almonds into his hand. “Oh yeah. Mei stoped by earlier. She was looking for you,” Jack added. Ah Eng’s mind wandered to the letter he had written to Mei just the day ealier. The letter he had hurriedly placed in her hands as she was rushing off to her dance class.

Dearest Mei,

                 Since our serendipitous meeting that night at the Youth Forum, I have found it hard to take you off my mind. Every waking moment of mine is spent anticipating a glimpse of you. Whether it’s you rushing off to class, or to a meeting with your friend, I wait by my window just for a glimpse of you.

                Everytime we talk my heart beats a little faster, a small smile spreads across my face. This feeling of serenity washes over me whenever we talk. You take me away from all the problems and troubles of this world. In your eyes I see a tranquil garden, and I can only imagine where your tender carasses will take me. 

                I know you’ve always seen me as the happy-go-lucky, silly kid, but if you look deeper you will find a soul that understand the very nature of your soul. Just look harder and you will find me waiting right there for you.


Ah Eng

“Eh? Eng? Are you ok?” Jack asked as he threw an Almond at Ah Eng. “Oh nothing. Yeah. I wonder why she’s looking for me,” Ah Eng replied somewhat dazed. “Ha. Ha. Women. Who knows what the hell they want,” Jack quiped.

Jack and Ah Eng passed under the gates of old St Bart’s, munching on Almonds.
“Through Grace we are saved.”

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