A day to give thanks

November 24, 2005 at 7:18 pm | Posted in Lists | Leave a comment

It’s Thanksgiving, so I look back and find out what I am thankful for this past year:-

(1) I am thankful for my baby waby [hi baby. I love you!]

(2) For getting into a good graduate school (#8 for my program)

(3) For graduating with honours

(4) For being alive

(5) For having parents who will pay for my education

(6) For living in a nice apartment [hi baby. I’m sure you’ll agree]

(7) For not having to go to a thanksgiving dinner with friends’ families (always awkward)

(8) For not having seen any rain or snow yet today

(9) For the 70’s show marathon on FX =P

(10) For being able to take an afternoon nap

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